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Katya Kohen

Taran's true superpower is being humble, kind, very intelligent, and never settling for less

I met Slava back in 2010 or so when Libertex was expanding in the US and I joined the company. Those were amazing days as we worked closely with Salva and his wife Olga and I got to learn and understand Taran's true superpower which is being humble, kind, very intelligent, and never settling for less. After I left the company, we've been always in touch. Slava is a true entrepreneur and always would launch and execute meaningful ventures. Where this venture would def benefit humanity. I saw Slava last time pre covid, I believe it was a fintech conference in Malta, we had a nice launch and as usual great conversation about life, business and wisdom. The loss of Slava is a true shock. I kept writing Slava is... in the present tense.. and I believe this won't change to the past as he will always stay in everyone's heart as is. He will be there a true leader, mentor, and inspiration for all of us to be a little bit better every day. His ventures will continue to live and do good. My condolences to the family, partners, friends, and humanity, the only thing that gives comfort is that his legacy is on and infinite.

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Vyacheslav Taran was a fintech entrepreneur and a published author. A well-known and highly respected businessman, described as kind-hearted, polite and humble by everyone who was fortunate enough to know him, Taran was a true visionary.

If you want to support  Vyacheslav's charitable work, you can actively participate in the foundations created by Vyacheslav. His good deeds must live on!


Change One LifePristanište

Вячеслав Таран был предпринимателем и автором книг. Известный и уважаемый бизнесмен, которого все, кому посчастливилось знать, описывали как добросердечного, вежливого и скромного.

  • Основатель торгово-инвестиционной платформы Libertex
  • Член совета директоров финтех компании YouHodler SA
  • Основатель благотворительного фонда Change One Life
  • Со-основатель фонда Pristanište

Если вы хотите поддержать благотворительную деятельность Вячеслава, вы можете активно участвовать созданных им в фондах . Его добрые дела должны жить!

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Change One LifePristanište

Vyacheslav Taran était un entrepreneur au secteur fintech et un auteur publié. Homme d'affaires bien connu et très respecté, décrit comme homme de cœur, poli et modeste par tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de le connaître, Taran était un véritable visionnaire.

Si vous souhaitez soutenir le travail caritatif de Vyacheslav, vous pouvez participer aux fondations créées par Vyacheslav. Ses bonnes actions doivent perdurer !

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Change One LifePristanište