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Katya Taran

I’d like to share a couple of thoughts with you and maybe incite you for some action.

I’m still recovering and learning how to live with such loss but I’d like to share a couple of thoughts with you and maybe incite you for some action.

I would really encourage you to let go of all the bitterns you have towards the world and I know that we live in the most fucked up time imaginable on the brink of World War 3, but most importantly I encourage you to let go of everything all the heartache you have towards the closest people to you, your family. Tell everyone you love them, do something beautiful for your family, spend time with them, call them.

Life is so fragile. It makes no sense to live it and spread any negativity and not do good at least by your loved ones. My father made pretty much all of his dreams and goals come true by the time of his passing and he was only 53. He was the most innovative, driven, and ever changing and evolving person I have ever met. He always knew he had the power to change everything. My father was unbelievably positive and had the most beautiful outlook on life. He was soft spoken, gentle, and the most well mannered man. At the same time, He was powerful and strong but also incredibly kind and humble.

I wish I had more time with him, I wish I told him I loved him more. Do it while you all have a chance Happy New Year to everyone from Taran family!

Папочка я тебя люблю и очень скучаю.



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Vyacheslav Taran was a fintech entrepreneur and a published author. A well-known and highly respected businessman, described as kind-hearted, polite and humble by everyone who was fortunate enough to know him, Taran was a true visionary.

If you want to support  Vyacheslav's charitable work, you can actively participate in the foundations created by Vyacheslav. His good deeds must live on!


Change One LifePristanište

Вячеслав Таран был предпринимателем и автором книг. Известный и уважаемый бизнесмен, которого все, кому посчастливилось знать, описывали как добросердечного, вежливого и скромного.

  • Основатель торгово-инвестиционной платформы Libertex
  • Член совета директоров финтех компании YouHodler SA
  • Основатель благотворительного фонда Change One Life
  • Со-основатель фонда Pristanište

Если вы хотите поддержать благотворительную деятельность Вячеслава, вы можете активно участвовать созданных им в фондах . Его добрые дела должны жить!

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Change One LifePristanište

Vyacheslav Taran était un entrepreneur au secteur fintech et un auteur publié. Homme d'affaires bien connu et très respecté, décrit comme homme de cœur, poli et modeste par tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de le connaître, Taran était un véritable visionnaire.

Si vous souhaitez soutenir le travail caritatif de Vyacheslav, vous pouvez participer aux fondations créées par Vyacheslav. Ses bonnes actions doivent perdurer !

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