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Denis Ivanov

He always had a vision.

There was a special meeting in Products Dept where I did a small speech about Vyacheslav. So please allow me to write here several thoughts I already said to my colleagues.

I knew about Vyacheslav in 2006 when I just came to the Irkutsk branch and began working in Sales. I just read his book “It is easy to win on exchange?”. The first real meeting happened in Krasnoyarsk at the Sales Conference where I participate as a Product Manager for Rumus and StartFX. What do I know about Vyacheslav? He always was very friendly. He had many fellows. He read many books and special blogs. That's why he was always full of insights and ideas. He always had a vision. We always know he was a talented entrepreneur. With his energy and readiness to act he has started many business ventures.

I also know exactly that Vyacheslav always helped young entrepreneurs with advice, money, and insights. Vyacheslav invested much in the people around him and supported them. Many people have built successful careers from scratch because Vyacheslav trusted and believed in them. He invested money in people, his attention, and his knowledge. Tens of employees in our company had the happiness of participating in a very unique and expensive TCI course. I heard the feedback from these employees. For many of them, this course became a breakthrough.

As a Chairman, Vyacheslav always gave insurance for all of us during tough times. When we lost money, he told us: don't worry, hold fast, we are on the right track. We all remember the speech he was doing during the celebration of the 25th Libertex Anniversary. He was a handsome, self-confident, smart, wise, and successful person.

Unfortunately, the sudden tragic accident has taken Vyacheslav from all of us. What did Vyacheslav tell me and all of us? - We have to be experts in what we do - We all have to cooperate - Experiment more and often - Focus on important things - Create great products. If there is a great product, Sales and Marketing dept will work more effectively. - Be pro-active - Don't complain, take responsibility and resolve issues! - Use trends, they will help and you will be successful Everyone will decide what to do with such input. I personally believe that I must follow such rules. And I'll do it. Then, if Vyacheslav sees me now, he says “That's right, Denis, that's right”.

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Vyacheslav Taran was a fintech entrepreneur and a published author. A well-known and highly respected businessman, described as kind-hearted, polite and humble by everyone who was fortunate enough to know him, Taran was a true visionary.

If you want to support  Vyacheslav's charitable work, you can actively participate in the foundations created by Vyacheslav. His good deeds must live on!


Change One LifePristanište

Вячеслав Таран был предпринимателем и автором книг. Известный и уважаемый бизнесмен, которого все, кому посчастливилось знать, описывали как добросердечного, вежливого и скромного.

  • Основатель торгово-инвестиционной платформы Libertex
  • Член совета директоров финтех компании YouHodler SA
  • Основатель благотворительного фонда Change One Life
  • Со-основатель фонда Pristanište

Если вы хотите поддержать благотворительную деятельность Вячеслава, вы можете активно участвовать созданных им в фондах . Его добрые дела должны жить!

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Change One LifePristanište

Vyacheslav Taran était un entrepreneur au secteur fintech et un auteur publié. Homme d'affaires bien connu et très respecté, décrit comme homme de cœur, poli et modeste par tous ceux qui ont eu la chance de le connaître, Taran était un véritable visionnaire.

Si vous souhaitez soutenir le travail caritatif de Vyacheslav, vous pouvez participer aux fondations créées par Vyacheslav. Ses bonnes actions doivent perdurer !

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